Communicate better.

for Dec 4, 2017 - Blog Post

The main thing through exercises, fitness, rehabilitation, manual therapy whatever we are all doing for whatever our definition of health is in actuality dramatically trying to improve communication in the systems of the body. It is clear communication that is at the root of what the body actually desires.

Why train for communication?

The interweaving neural information highway of our fascia replenishes about 80 percent of it’s cells every 6 months. We want to restructure it toward optimal organization this allows for the body to be agile, resistant to stress fatigue, feel focused and directed also look and feel healthy.

How to communicate better?

To train for better communication we have to think about minimally investing about 6 months of consistent training. Where on a daily basis there is a purposeful action being taken to improve the communication of the body as a whole.

What are some routes to train for better communication?

That happens in class.