what I hear from clients

for Aug 18, 2018 - Blog Post

A small snippet of what I’ve heard over the last 36 hours

In all my years of having work done with my body. I’ve never worked with someone who was able to address that shoulder pain. It’s gone after 15 years.

After these last 2 sessions I’m able to get back to all my couching routines. I was starting to get fearful that I would be able to train boxers anymore

From a 13 year olds parents: We had been so worried about here already having these types of shoulder pains and swelling. It almost seems like magic that they are all of a sudden not effecting her dance, running and her life anymore.

This is great amazing nothing feels inflamed or restricted and I have 4 boot camps I’m taking and 6 muay thai classes I’m teaching this week

There is no gaurding in my body, no fear what so ever. I’m able to focus solely on the game

I’ve worked with everything we went over and after so many years I have tools that actually work to heal myself. I know my hobbies hurt me but I don’t want to give them up and now I see and feel I don’t have to.

Always refer please. I’m super effective and really enjoy sharing life changing strategies that improve all aspects of how you move.