Create alignment, reduce pain and improve flexibility.

On the conclusion of your first session we will begin to plan your route to your goals.


Manual Osteopathy

Hands-on health

Think of all the parts that make up your body as the cogs of a watch. If one of those cogs gets rusty or malfunctions, what happens to the watch?

Manual Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that assesses all the structures and systems that make up how your body functions.

Hands-on touch is used to assess the known and for the unknown restrictions effecting the bones, joints, nerves, muscular and connective tissue of the body.

Once a restriction(s) has been identified a variety of gentle hands on techniques are used until the restriction(s) disappears or greatly reduces.

It is through this detailed approach that we obtain your intended results.

E.L.D.O.A. Method

You are your own best therapist.

This is a must method for each person to learn as it specifically counters the stress that all actions put on the body.

Expect your body to crave E.L.D.O.A after just one class.

This method bridges athleticism and wellness to efficiently address and remove whole body pains and restrictions from long time misalignment.

The undoing of long time compression only takes 2 minutes per joint.

The postures generate tension to decompress the joint and then balance all the muscles that had been tight due to the misalignment of the compressed joint.

E.L.D.O.A. are specific postures targeted to areas of the body that are compressed.


For Core Strength.

Breathing, concentration, control, centering, flow, postural alignment, precision, and relaxation are the values of Pilates.

The sequential exercises of Pilates are scaleable for life so as your wellness improves so does the complexity of the exercises.

This approach to exercise has important therapeutic value as a foundation for building a body that can move without pain.

“In ten sessions you feel better.  In twenty sessions you look better.  In thirty sessions you have a completely new body.”  Joseph Pilates