Results Obtained

Michael Millerman

I came to work with Sean on the advice of my chiropractor, to deal with tendinitis and other shoulder issues, as well as to improve my posture. I’m six foot eight, and I have a lot of bad postural habits to boot. Sean came highly recommended. As I saw in my time with him, the recommendation was well deserved. Sean’s classes had a very positive impact on my recovery and overall well-being. Moreover, besides the positive effects of the training he gave, his classes themselves were a joy to be in because of his great facilitation abilities and good sense of humor. Sean was able both to point out small changes in my body posture that would make a big difference (physical), and to bring attention to and remark on those subtle shifts in ways that, for me anyway, were significant on other “levels” too (psychological, let’s say). He was always very grounded and was able to help me to connect to the exercises in my own way, such that I obtained the intended result. As far as I can tell, all the other participants also thoroughly enjoyed working with him.