How far I’ve come


Having been struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian I sustained multiple fractures and injuries. I was advised by my physiotherapist to begin Pilates for pelvic rehabilitation and my I was lucky enough to get Sean as my teacher. When I first went to Sean I had just removed my neck brace after wearing it for 4 months 24/7. When I look back on the first day of Pilates now; I realize how far I have come. On that first day, I was still walking with a cane, my posture was extremely crooked having adapted to wearing a neck brace for so long & I assumed that there was no techniques I could keep with me throughout the day to help relieve my pain. This has all changed since beginning Pilates training with Sean. He has given me techniques that help me on a daily basis whether I am standing on the subway, sitting at my desk or going for a walk.