With Pain, There’s No Bliss

Sean Kemp Waldie for Oct 7, 2017 - News

 Ignorance is never bliss when there is pain involved.

Every person should know how to asses the aches and pains life brings our way. Without education we tend to treat ourselves the same way MDs would do triage on the battlefield:

1: Will survive without intervention (no treatment needed)
2: Will die despite intervention (no treatment needed)
3: Will only survive with intervention (treatment given)

The mundane morphs into the major, our focus the low back- specifically facet irritation is a major cause… about 80% of low back pain is connected to this compression injury.

1: A constant tightness in the muscle of the low back.
2: The body is slow moving in and out of positions.
3: A dull constant ache when resting.

Now the real questions begin..

1: How much time investment will be needed to get well?
2: How much $$$ will be needed to invest to get my life back?
3: Who should I trust with this injury?

If you’re like many of my clients who come to address this injury, your first step in finding the right method and or practitioner is to book an initial session.

Sean Kemp Walide
Movement Specialist

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